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Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Choose the right venue.


Before you start planning your wedding, you may want to choose where will be best for you both. And dont just look for a nice place! Think about what kind of scene would make your marriage ceremony unique and special.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Make sure your guests are comfortable, says Jennifer Coleman, co-founder of Wedding Planning 101.

Your wedding will be full of friends and family, which means theyll be spending plenty of time in your home. So its important to make sure you have all the details covered, such as what type of wine everyone loves or whether there will be any serving plates that get left behind. Everyone is nervous about something, so dont keep yourself or your guests hidden from view, advises Coleman.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Determine whats important to you.

Before you start planning your wedding, think about what matters most to you. You may not want a cake that costs thousands of dollars or an outfit that cost hundreds, but those little things matter and can add up to a lot of stress. Dont just write down something critical like your biggest fear (will my partner laugh at me) or your favorite memory from childhood (but dont mention why). Know before you begin how much each thing will cost so you can focus only on the things that are absolutely necessary.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Think about your budget.

You may not have a lot of money to spend on your wedding, which means that you will need to get creative with your planning and delegate different tasks to your partner. Still, its important that you feel comfortable with how much you have planned for your big day. If you dont feel stressed about meeting your financial goals, chances are your guests wont either.

Personalize your wedding website.

Instead of putting together a list of boring wedding ideas, think about what makes your wedding unique and importantand focus on how that differentiates your big day from any other wedding you may have seen before. This can include personal details like your favorite recipes or pet memories or maybe even a gift for your partner that no one else would think of. These stories and photos not only make for great reading, but they also help engagement by showing potential brides and husbands what your wedding will be like.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Keep yourself busy.

Youll want to take some time to spend getting ready with your partner, but dont miss out on other opportunities to socialize and get comfortable in your home. Spend as much time as you need looking at stores and restaurants that can tailor make their day for you.

Dont be afraid to ask for help.

Youre allowed to hire professionals here and there when you get married, but your wedding day shouldnt depend on one professionalwhether its an interior designer, a photographer or a web developer. Ask other people if they have any tips or recommendations! Its good to stay in budget, but asking others who have done this method much better than I would save you time and money.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Try to keep your stress levels in check.

Youre probably not used to having a lot of control over certain aspects of your wedding day, but planning a wedding is a huge deal and brings with it its own set of challenges. To help you feel more comfortable in the role of chief planner, consider spending time learning as much as possible about your venue before your visit it and have any expectations raised. And when you decide what items from your list need to be added, like food or decorations, leave some room for adjustment and enjoy the process!

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Enjoy some time off.

Take a moment to celebrate your engagement! This is something that you have been working toward for months, so take advantage of it and enjoy this special time in your lives.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

10) Plan for little ones needs.

Its important to plan ahead with your babys needs in mind. Whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding or a large celebration, making sure that you provide what your child might needsuch as clothing or childcarewill help eliminate any potential stress from scheduling appointments around their needs.


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