Demi and James
Nikitas Pre Wedding Night
Kaydens Birthday Party
Avraaj + Neesha's Wedding
Dr. Neel and Catherine's Engagement
Film Style Reception Party
Jasminder and Rawinder Singh
2 Days, 750 Guests, soooooo much food. Jazz & Ravinder’s Wedding was an insane experience. A non-stop rollercoaster of emotions with incredible vibrancy and life. Everywhere I would turn there would be a story to capture, the music, the clothing….the food!!! But most of all the incredible family bonds. With both families welcoming each other with open arms, there was a constant feeling of excitement in the air as Jazz and Ravinder took the 2 day journey to become man & wife., this really was a once in a lifetime experience. Here is just a small selection of what I saw:
Martin and Kylies Wedding
Ratnas Mehendi Party- Hindu Gujurati
Emil and Ralitsas - Romanian couple 08.08
Clive and Michelles wedding
Wedding- Dipesh and Dhruti
There are a few things that I love about Indian weddings, such as vibrant colours, emotions, culture and traditions and not to forget the food! I first met Dipesh and Dhruti a year ago after Dhuruti's parents got in touch with me about their daughter's Wedding in Leicester. They said we would be very happy if you and your team can come and do the photography for my daughter as she has requested us for some time now. I don’t think I could have been more excited when hearing about the Wedding plans over next four days. A Civil Wedding and Reception party on the first day, a traditional Hindu celebration on the second, mehendi party, puja and dandiya on the third day, and the traditional wedding ceremony on the fourth day. So much time, detail and planning went into this Wedding and I have been able to capture every moment from the beginning to end .... the laughter, tears, joy and celebration for the entire families getting together.
Women's Conference 2019 - Time of Restoration
Talwinder Singh & Amandeep Kaur - Jaago
Kirans Mehendi
Mr and Mrs Owura Jay
Owura has been a great friend to me for many years and lives in London. He is a Minister of the Gospel, a music director and composer and has produced many albums. One day he approached me and said Diven I am getting married and I would want you to come and cover my wedding. Immediately I called my secretary to book him in for the following year. After one year when the wedding day finally arrived, our entire crew went to cover Mr. and Mrs. Owuras wedding which was an awesome day and we all had fun shooting the newly wedded couple, family and friends. I got a chance to meet with many top artists and Ministers of Gospel, Bishops from Nigeria, Ghana and many other parts of Africa.
Moynul and Sania - Bangali Wedding Reception
Seritas Wedding Ceremony
Julia and Chris Wedding
Talwinder Singh / Amandeep Kaur- Wedding
Gemma and Wayne
Olam and Jemima
Avraaj + Neesha Engagement - April
Shaam & Shaabana
Bhavesh and Neelam
Harshad and Ammy
Raj and Priya
Raj and Priya are both amazing couple they were looking for a best photographer in Birmingham via google and came across my website link. Log in for further story...
Pre Wedding Shoot
Simon and Christine's Wedding- May
Archanas Baby Shower - April
Tejinder - Jaago
Pre-Wedding Shoot
Grace and Jules Getting ready +
I never thought I’d have the opportunity to document Grace and Jules wedding, The moment I first met with them I knew I had to be their photographer. They own a dog, Tommy who tried to attack me several times, This married couple still have the same zest and chemistry that made them so photogenic and easygoing in front of the lens as they did on their wedding day. Catching up with couples who’s weddings I’ve photographed and seeing where they’re at now is one of my favourite things about this job. You make so many friends it’s hard to visit a country without bumping into a couple.
Sam and Christy
Wisdom and Bolanile
Raj & Elisha Pre Wedding Shoot
Raj and Elisha came to find out about me through google adds. We met up in Mcdonalds for a quick coffee and discussed about their pre-wedding locations and style of shoot they wanted. After one hour of sitting together we finalized the pre-wedding details as they wanted to take pictures in the traditional dress and one in modern dress which we agreed. We had so much fun shooting and they even forgot that I was there and the whole session became so natural. It was a privilege to know them both.
Laura and Mathew
Grace hour- All Night
Hydesville Tower School- Fashion Show
Birthday Party Film style
Yaseens Mukhe Bhaat
New Born
Elly and Eva Outdoor Photoshoot
Elly and Eva are 2 beautiful kids of my very good friend. Elly loves to play guitar and eva loves to be a model. So we decided to take both of them to the nearest park in Birmingham and do 1 hour shoot. We could not believe the way photo turned out so amazing.
Ordination Service
Safari Africa
Easter Special with Sheldon Bangera and Pst. Joey Corry
Trinity Worship Centre - Church Service
Trinity Worship Centre is one of the well known church in Birmingham, where they say Gods Speaks. I had great opportunity to meet with Senior Pastor of TWC and His Family years ago and had become good friends. They had asked me to capture the Ordination ceremony of all their Leaders of Trinity Worship Centre,Which i felt was one of the humbling experiance for me. I came to know great servants of God sitting and witnessing the goodness of God in this place. So much of love was given to us all.
Prophetic Meeting- London
Pastor of International prayer centre is a very good friend of mine and have known him since 2011. I have covered many of their ceremonies and seminars and conferences and this was one of them with Dr Agyinasare.