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Whether youre looking for a specific type of photography or just want to know how different types of weddings fit into the genre, it can be helpful to understand the scope of the industry.

How much is wedding photography and videography

Just like any other professional field, there are unique qualities to successful wedding photography that go beyond technique. An experienced photographer will have developed their own style through years of experience, while new photographers may struggle with shooting events because they lack knowledge of an audiences expectations.

Wedding photography allows you to capture memories of your day that everyone involved will remember for years to comeyour kids will ask about their grandparents albums and your parents will cherish their photos.

Photography is an incredible way to immortalize your marriage and share it with your family and friends. While videos can be archived online, the truth is they are temporary files that quickly become obsolete unless people keep them forever in a digital drawer. With photographs, we have material to look back on year after year, generation after generation, always keeping our loved ones close by.

Professional wedding photography also gives you the benefit of expertise.

A professional photographer brings so many tools to the table, including years of experience and training (and in some cases even certification), that it can be hard to find your perfect match if you dont know how to search. But with a professional photographer, you definitely get what you pay fortheir knowledge and experience will help their work stand out from the rest and allow you to easily make an accurate judgment about their quality and style.

You get hours of undivided attention.

Even when youre paying your photographer, theyre still taking time out of their day to work for you. With traditional photos, you may have a few photographers joining in different shots, but with video you will have an entire team of people working to capture all those moments that matter to you. When you book a professional video shoot, you can be sure that there are enough skilled operatives working to make sure that you receive everything you want to see from your big day.

Youll be treated like a celeb.

Your guests will treat you like a celebrity by taking photos of you and videos of your big momentsso dont forget to get some professional portraits taken!

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You are worth it.

Get paid what youre worth! When you sell your image or service, do you get offered a discounted rate or are you asked how expensive your session was and expected to pay up? We dont want photographers taking advantage of their fans, so lets be honest with each other from the start about what you deserve and what your budget can afford.