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How to plan the perfect wedding on a budget

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Do your research.

How to plan the perfect wedding on a budget

Youll have your center pieces, your dcor, and of course, your clothes. But what about those sexy underwear that you can wear under your dress? Or maybe some lingerie or stockings? Think through your wardrobe and choose items that not only look good but also fit well and feel comfortable. And whether you want to shop online or go shopping in person, find a store that has great customer service and an experienced staff ready to assist you.

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Determine what items matter most to you.

While your wedding will definitely be full of details, its important to set aside time to think about how much money you want to spend on each item. You can divide these expenses between yourself and your partner or take individual amounts and add them into your separate budgets. When it comes to spending in your wedding day, some things are worth more than others.

Set up a Pinterest board.

If youre already having fun planning your big day, start pinning! Pinned images can act as photo albums of your wedding plans, helping you keep all of your vision together. Or set up individual pins for each item that interests you about your wedding or team assignments.

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Know your budget.

Before you start planning any aspect of your big day, you need to figure out how much you can afford to spend on each item. You may find yourself quickly overwhelmed by the amount of choices available for vendors and items you want to include in your wedding cost. Take a moment to sit down and determine whats important to you and what values are most important to you. This is when you should know your budget and how much you have set aside for gifts (if youre worried about what to give donors).

Personalize your save-the-dates.

While you need to send out your invitations at least six months ahead of time, its a great idea to start sending out save the dates cards early in the process. Just like with your wedding plans, each guest will have specific needs for your save-the-date cards, so be sure to ask them what style or theme would make their day more fun!

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Start planning early.

Youve just said yes to being married to your partner, which means that youre busy organizing details like names and honeymoon plans! Before you start booking a venue or checking out caterers, take time to reflect on your family and life goals. What kind of ceremony makes sense for you and your new spouse? Do you want a small, intimate wedding with only your loved ones in attendance? A large, lavish affair? Something in between?

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The more informed you are, the easier it will be to create a plan that everyone loves.

Talk to your partner and any parents you have of children who may still be young enough to want a say in the matter. Let them tell you what they think about planning a birthday party for their baby or how they felt when your cousin decided to get married during her high school graduation ceremony. Being aware of every detail involved in your wedding day means no one has anything to complain about, which saves time in dealing with issues later on in your planning process.

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