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How to get wedding photography clients

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Develop a plan for your wedding photos that includes what shots you want, where you want them, and how much time you want to give your photographer.

How to get wedding photography clients

Before you book your wedding photographer, think about what images you want captured. Do you want individual portraits or do you want to choreograph everyone into poses? Do you want candid photos or did you like one particular style? Knowing what you want can help you write an album of your photos or even guide you in choosing which parts of your wedding day you wanted to focus onthe moments after your ceremony doesnt necessarily need to be wall-to-wall people! Its also a great idea to talk to your fianc about what pieces of information he wants displayed throughout his dress selection process.

Show off your personality.

Before you start talking to potential clients, be sure to put your personal stamp on everything you do related to weddings. That means putting your name out there and showing everyone what great stories you can tell. If one of your photos is going to die when it comes time to choose a new cover image, then maybe thats not the right job for you.

Be open to possibility.

Every photographer has years of experience. But how you choose to present that information is up to you. Being willing to talk about your past work and what styles of images youve produced can help potential customers understand more about your style as a photographer.

Know exactly what you want.

Well before you start networking or pitching your services, take time to think about what youre looking for in a client. This is especially important if you havent had previous experience working with photographers. You may find that you want a photographer who likes to capture special moments, while you just need someone who can go outside of the box and focus on getting unique shots of the day.

Plan your session so well that you dont have to worry about it.

You want to plan your wedding photos accordingly, right? Well, chances are youre not writing this blog post because you skipped a few classes in college or because you have an amazing portfolio. If you dont care much for planning, or if youre worried about bringing everything up from memory, book a session with your photographer and well take care of everything. Your session will include props, outfits, and even makeup if you need em, but most importantly, you can focus on what mattersyour wedding day!

Keep your timeline clear.

You dont want to schedule your wedding photos all in one week, then wake up and find other things are getting priority over them. If you know there is an event or activity that will take place during your photo session, make sre its at the bottom of your calendar. That way you can make time for it and still have room left over for everything else!

Bring along someone who knows how to handle pressure.

Your partner will be fine as your photographer in most cases, but if you end up with a tough session or lack familiarity with your client base, its important that you pair them with a photographer they feel comfortable working with. As their photographer, you can help direct them and provide advice if needed to ensure that they produce quality images.


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