Elmore Court: Exclusive Events & Luxury Stays

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At dawn, the Cotswolds hills glow with golden light, showcasing Elmore Court’s timeless beauty. This top venue in Gloucestershire melds tales of the past with today’s special moments. Guests feel a deep bond with the property, rooted in England’s rich heritage.

Elmore Court is a blend of history and elegance. Since the 13th century, it’s been a place of luxury and tranquility. It offers stunning views and modern touches, perfect for celebrations and peaceful stays. Here, guests create memories surrounded by luxury and the beauty of nature.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the unique mix of history and modern luxury at Elmore Court in the Cotswolds.
  • The Gillyflower highlights Elmore Court’s push for sustainability without compromising style.
  • At Elmore Court, exclusivity makes every event feel uniquely personal and intimate.
  • The estate’s connection to nature is seen in its rewilding areas and magical treehouses.
  • Elmore Court is ideal for special events, blending tradition with modern pleasures in the Cotswolds.

Discover Elmore Court: A Venue Steeped in History

In the heart of Gloucestershire, Elmore Court is a magnificent symbol of history. It is an ancient manor that has seen many eras. It perfectly captures the spirit of Cotswolds weddings and carries the Guise family legacy. A place where love and history meet, making each moment unforgettable.

Elmore Court’s story begins in the 13th century. Its walls seem to share historical tales. It is where old stories and modern celebrations come together. Hosting receptions, Elmore Court continues to be a place of elegance and grace.

Weddings at Elmore Court in idyllic Cotswolds setting

The Chronicles of a 13th Century Manor House

Elmore Court is a blend of prestige and heritage. This historic manor mirrors England’s noble past. Its ancient foundations tell a unique story of bygone times. Guests can travel back in time and celebrate amidst historical whispers.

Fusing Tradition with Modern Celebrations

At Elmore Court, tradition and evolution meet. This Cotswolds wedding venue keeps its historical charm while embracing modern parties. It offers a unique mix of old customs and modern luxury. This makes Elmore Court a special place for significant celebrations.

The Guise Family Legacy

The Guise family plays a key role in Elmore Court’s journey. Their care has preserved this 13th-century manor’s spirit. Anselm and Sarah Guise blend its historical essence with modern vitality. Their efforts ensure that the Guise legacy and memories made here last forever.

Elmore Court: The Epitome of Exclusive Luxury

In the heart of the Cotswolds stands Elmore Court, an exclusive country house. It’s not just a beautiful place but also a symbol of top luxury. This makes it a top UK wedding venue. The house and its architecture are so grand, they make it the perfect spot for a dream luxury wedding venue.

Elmore Court is special not just because of its looks or gardens. It’s also because it offers total privacy for its events. This Elmore Court exclusivity makes it a perfect spot for unique weddings. Here, elegance and closeness combine, creating unforgettable moments.

This place has 16 unique bedrooms, each showcasing its own luxury style. Every detail adds to the feel of an exclusive country house. Yet, it still offers modern comforts. This blend of old charm and new luxury draws guests in.

At Elmore Court, there’s the Gillyflower, built with the planet in mind. It pairs well with the grand mansion as a luxury wedding venue. It shows that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. The Gillyflower is not just for events; it’s a place where happiness and green luxury grow together.

If you’re looking for a place that merges old beauty with future thinking, Elmore Court is it. It’s not just a venue; it’s an entry into British elegance. As a top UK wedding venue, it offers an exclusive luxury experience that you can feel.

Celebrate in Style: Award-Winning Gloucestershire Estate

In the heart of the Cotswolds, there’s a place full of elegance and history. It’s perfect for celebrating those unforgettable moments. This place is Elmore Court in Gloucestershire, an award-winning wedding venue. It perfectly blends sustainability with sophistication, ensuring every event feels personal and grand.

Elmore Court is known for its outstanding service and dedication to excellence. It has been named SoGlos’s SGGLA Wedding Venue of the Year. Set in a beautiful landscape, this estate is a highlight in British history and a prime spot for modern celebrations.

Recognised Excellence in the Cotswolds

Elmore Court’s awards highlight its skill in combining historical grandeur with modern innovation. The team’s commitment to personalised service makes every event here stand out. This happens within the stunning Cotswolds, making each occasion memorable.

Award-Winning Experiences for Every Guest

Elmore Court is all about creating events that meet everyone’s dreams. The foundation of its success is its dedication to thoughtful, considerate service. This service takes place in a sustainable events space.

Awards and RecognitionsFeatures
SGGLA Wedding Venue of the Year 2022Exclusive use of historic manor & modern Gillyflower
Eco-Friendly PracticesRammed earth construction & biomass heating
Personalised Event PlanningBespoke celebrations tailored to individual preferences

This esteemed Gloucestershire estate is always evolving. It aims to redefine excellence in events. By doing so, it pays respect to tradition while embracing innovation.

An Idyllic Setting for ‘I Do’: Elmore Court

Elmore Court, in the heart of the Cotswolds, offers a romantic and exclusive setting for weddings. It provides a perfect place for those wanting a unique celebration. The venue is ideal for private ceremonies.

Elmore Court boasts grand features in its main house, with areas licensed for marriage ceremonies. The grand Hall and the cosy Drawing Room cater to different tastes. This makes it an exquisite choice for couples looking for a luxury wedding venue.

Weddings at Elmore Court in idyllic Cotswolds setting

Weddings at Elmore Court in idyllic Cotswolds setting

The Gillyflower meadow adds a touch of rustic charm to weddings at Elmore Court. With a fire bowl and benches, it’s perfect for outdoor celebrations. It’s an ideal spot for those wishing to unite luxury with nature’s beauty.

Couples are enveloped in history, beauty, and sophistication at Elmore Court, making their ‘I do’ moment not just a declaration of love, but a memory etched against the canvas of one of the most beautiful settings in Britain.

Let’s take a closer look at what Elmore Court offers for weddings:

LocationAtmosphereCapacitySpecial Features
The HallStately and grandUp to 120Historical paintings, open fireplace
The Drawing RoomIntimate and elegantUp to 60Natural light, views of the gardens
The GillyflowerModern and naturalUp to 200Sustainable architecture, meadow setting

At Elmore Court, the union of a luxury wedding venue with the Cotswolds’ beauty ensures a memorable event. It is where dreams and love’s promises find a beautiful setting.

Luxury Accommodations with Character and Charm

Elmore Court offers the best in luxury accommodations. It combines old charm with modern luxury. Guests enjoy heritage rooms and mysterious treehouses. Each visit is a blend of tradition and luxury. It feels like stepping back in time but with all modern comforts.

Heritage-Infused Bedrooms at Elmore Court

Elmore Court’s luxury is clear in its unique bedrooms. Each room tells a story with captivating designs. Guests sleep in luxury and history. The Master Suite is especially grand. It acts as a bridal dressing room too. The Oak Room has a grand bed and a stylish bath, mixing old charm with new comforts.

The Enigmatic Treehouses of Elmore

The treehouses at Elmore Court are truly unique. They offer a magical stay among the trees. Guests enjoy peace and luxury. These stays are perfect for those looking for something special.

Elmore Court stays show the estate’s care for luxury and the environment. The place is elegant but eco-friendly. It aims to preserve its beautiful surroundings while offering luxury. Guests enjoy a perfect mix of old charm and modern values.

Room CategoryFeaturesAmbience
Master SuiteAttached double bedroom, Bridal dressing room capabilityRegal, Historical
Oak RoomAncient four-poster bed, Freestanding copper bathOpulent, Rustic Charm
Treehouse SuitesSecluded amongst nature, Modern luxuriesEnchanting, Forest Serenity

Elmore Court offers unforgettable stays in manor bedrooms or treehouses. Every visit promises comfort and luxury. Guests enjoy British hospitality at its best. It’s a mix of history and modern luxury for a memorable stay.

Elmore’s Exclusive Offerings: Pricing and Inclusions

Entering Elmore Court feels like stepping into a unique world full of charm. It offers bespoke experiences, blending luxury stays with exclusive features. These are designed to capture the imagination and create memorable moments.

What’s Included in Your Exclusive Stay?

The cost of staying at Elmore Court starts at £6,000 and goes up to £15,000. This price range ensures a lavish experience. Guests have sole access to the elegant private house and The Gillyflower. They enjoy a level of luxury that’s all theirs. Additionally, up to 39 guests can be comfortably accommodated on-site, providing an intimate and unmatched experience.

Booking Elmore Court includes personal wedding coordination and a delicious cooked breakfast the following day. This combines Elmore’s historic elegance with tailored experiences.

Additional Amenities to Enhance Your Experience



Elmore Court also features extra amenities available on demand, to make your stay even better. Guests can enjoy spa treatments and holistic massages. These services turn your stay into a customised, relaxing retreat.

Exclusive OfferingInclusionsAdditional Amenities
Private House & The GillyflowerEvent Spaces, 39 Guest AccommodationsSpa Treatments, Massages
Wedding Coordination ServicesBespoke Planning and ExecutionCustomised Wellness Packages
Cooked Breakfast Post-WeddingGourmet Dining ExperiencePersonalised Culinary Requests

The Gillyflower: A Modern Marvel in Sustainable Event Spaces

In the magical Elmore Court grounds, The Gillyflower stands out. It’s a prime example of sustainable event spaces. Known for its eco-friendly construction, it blends environmental care with modern elegance. It’s perfect for any occasion.

Eco-Friendly Construction with an Artistic Flair

The Gillyflower leads with its eco-conscious design. It used sustainable materials from nearby. Its walls are made of rammed earth and are covered in plants. This shows a commitment to nature. The blend of new and old building methods makes it strong and beautiful.

From World-Class Sound to Ethereal Lighting

Great sound and lighting are key to The Gillyflower’s appeal. It has top-notch sound and adjustable lights. This creates a special atmosphere. Bruce Munro’s fibre-optic lights add a magical glow. This makes The Gillyflower a top choice for sustainable event spaces with style and modern tech.

FeatureDescriptionSustainability Impact
MaterialsRammed earth walls with living plantsLow environmental impact, natural insulation
LightingFibre-optic installations by Bruce MunroEnergy-efficient, captivating ambience
Sound SystemState-of-the-art audio engineeringOptimised for energy efficiency and performance

Epitomising Elegance: Weddings at Elmore Court

Elmore Court is where tradition meets modern sophistication, shining as a pinnacle of elegance epitomised for Cotswolds weddings. This venue provides a unique and private setting, crafting unforgettable events with a touch of personal style. Couples are welcomed to experience a place rich in history but ready for today’s celebrations, ensuring their special day is beautifully marked with Elmore Court elegance.

Elmore Court Wedding Elegance

Elmore Court goes beyond what you expect from a wedding venue. Here, exclusive events are a reality, offering the utmost in privacy and attention. From the beginning, each couple’s vision is nurtured, growing into a splendid celebration that mirrors their unique preferences, all set against Gloucestershire’s picturesque countryside.

Celebrating love at Elmore Court is not just an event; it’s an experience that echoes the grand narratives of romance through the ages, with each couple adding their own chapter to the estate’s rich tapestry.

The story continues after the vows at Elmore Court’s Gillyflower. This eco-friendly gem is designed for vibrant and cosy celebrations, blending modern facilities with natural beauty.

Exclusive FeatureBenefits
Private use of Elmore Court and groundsIntimacy and customisation of your special day’s setting
The GillyflowerA sustainable and stylish event space for celebrations
Personalised coordinationExpert event professionals to bring your vision to life
Historic and modern balanceThe charm of the past meets contemporary elegance

Weddings at Elmore Court offer a magic that’s unique. Each celebration is distinct, reflecting not just rural Gloucestershire’s beauty but the dreams of each couple. Here, history and the present blend seamlessly, giving every event a timeless feel. This mix creates weddings that are not just memorable, but part of a greater, storied legacy of Elmore Court elegance.

The Culinary Journey: Local Produce and Fine Dining

At Elmore Court, the culinary journey truly shines. Guests experience dining that’s closely tied to nature’s pace. The team uses local produce to create innovative yet comforting dishes.

100 Acres Apothecary: Indulgence in Every Room

In each lavish suite, 100 Acres Apothecary products heighten the luxury. These products bring the English countryside to you. They also show Elmore Court’s focus on local ties and being eco-friendly.

Garden to Gourmet: Elmore Court’s In-House Catering

Elmore Court’s catering showcases the essence of farm-to-table dining. They prepare dishes that reflect the area’s heritage. This approach enhances meals with the true taste of the Gloucestershire land.

Heritage TomatoesLocal FarmsTomato Basil TartSummer
Wild MushroomsForaged LocallyMushroom RisottoAutumn
BlackberriesEstate HedgerowsBlackberry FoolLate Summer
Gloucester Old Spot PorkNearby FarmsPork Loin with Apple CompoteWinter

Integrating Sustainability Into Luxury Events

Elmore Court shows us that luxury events can be eco-friendly. It is leading the way by showing that events can help our planet.

The Biomass Boiler: Heating with a Heart for the Environment

A Biomass boiler is key to Elmore Court’s eco efforts. It uses wood from the estate for energy. This reduces carbon emissions and keeps events luxe yet green.

Rewilding the Elmore Estate: Respect for Nature

The rewilding project at Elmore Estate brings nature back to life. It helps biodiversity and makes the land wild again. This effort beautifies the venue and protects the countryside for the future.

Sustainability FeatureEnvironmental BenefitContribution to Luxury Events
Biomass BoilerReduced carbon footprint, use of renewable resourcesGuaranteeing warmth and comfort with a clean conscience
Rewilding EffortsIncrease in biodiversity, restoration of ecosystemsOffering guests the serenity of nature alongside opulent experiences

Elmore Court is blending sustainable practices well with luxury. By using a Biomass boiler and rewilding, it shows great care for the environment. This sets a high standard for luxury events everywhere.

Elmore Court (6)


Elmore Court: A Storied Venue with a Vibrant Future

The charm of Elmore Court shines through its rich history. Anselm and Sarah Guise have skilfully blended past and present. Their efforts turn the estate into a model of elegant timelessness. It captivates those looking for unique experiences in this treasured Cotswolds estate.

The Visionary Approach of Anselm and Sarah Guise

Anselm and Sarah Guise lead Elmore Court with a vision. They perfectly combine its historic beauty with modern style. Their focus on rejuvenation while keeping tradition alive ensures the venue’s continuous appeal. It stands not just as a historic site but as a symbol of advancement in hospitality.

Uniting Heritage and Innovation for Unforgettable Moments

Every part of the estate, from ancient halls to the modern Gillyflower, reflects their philosophy. Heritage and innovation are merged here. This blend makes each event special, celebrating the estate’s rich history while embracing the new.

The future of Elmore Court is built on more than its past glory. It grows from respecting its roots and seeking innovation. This blend creates a unique story for the venue. Guests add to this continuing legacy, making it a living masterpiece.


Elmore Court is a special place that blends old traditions with new luxury. It sits beautifully in the Cotswolds countryside. This venue is not just about luxury stays but also about feeling exclusive. It’s a top choice for weddings in the UK because of this. The events here are known for their elegance and perfection in every detail.

This venue leads the way in being eco-friendly without losing any of its luxury. Here, old meets new in a beautiful blend. Guests have an extraordinary experience where history and modernity meet. Elmore Court respects its past and takes care of the planet’s future.

Elmore Court is truly captivating for many reasons. It’s celebrated in the Cotswolds for its dedication to amazing experiences. It looks back at its history while moving towards a greener future. In doing so, it sets the standard for luxury, tradition, and innovation. Every visitor has a memorable experience at this remarkable estate.


What is Elmore Court?

Elmore Court is Gloucestershire’s leading venue for top-tier events and stays. It’s a beautiful, historic manor in the Cotswolds. It offers history, luxury, and eco-friendly options for weddings and other events. Plus, it has great places to stay.

Can Elmore Court only be booked for weddings?

No, Elmore Court isn’t just for weddings. It’s famous for luxury weddings but also hosts various events. It makes use of its elegant spaces for these events and for luxurious stays.

What does ‘exclusive use’ mean at Elmore Court?

‘Exclusive use’ at Elmore Court means the whole place is yours. The manor, grounds, and The Gillyflower are only for your event. It makes your event private and special, with no strangers around.

Has Elmore Court won any awards?

Yes, Elmore Court has won awards for its superb service and setting. It was named the SGGLA Wedding Venue of the Year 2022 by SoGlos. This shows it’s a top place for weddings in Gloucestershire.

Is Elmore Court suitable for an outdoor wedding?

Yes, Elmore Court is perfect for outdoor weddings. The beautiful Gloucestershire countryside and the Gillyflower meadow make a stunning backdrop. It’s ideal for ceremonies and parties.

What accommodations does Elmore Court offer?

Elmore Court has luxurious bedrooms in the manor and unique treehouses. These provide comfort and charm for an unforgettable stay.

How much does it cost to book Elmore Court?

Booking Elmore Court costs between £6,000 to £15,000. The price depends on the date and your event’s needs. It includes use of the house, event spaces, accommodation, and more.

What makes The Gillyflower a modern marvel in sustainable event spaces?

The Gillyflower is built from sustainable materials from the estate. It has a top-notch sound system and special lighting by Bruce Munro. Plus, it’s eco-friendly with earth walls and plants.

Can Elmore Court accommodate special dietary requirements?

Yes, the catering team at Elmore Court can make food for any diet. They’re creative and flexible, making sure everyone has a great meal.

How does Elmore Court integrate sustainability into its luxury events?

Elmore Court focuses on being green. It uses a biomass boiler and supports rewilding. The Gillyflower is an eco-conscious event space.

Who are Anselm and Sarah Guise?

Anselm and Sarah Guise run Elmore Court. They mix the estate’s history with new ideas. This creates unforgettable moments for guests.

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