Birmingham Register Office – Get Married in Birmingham.

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Walking through the halls of the Birmingham Register Office filled me with awe and excitement. It’s a stunning place that adds something special to every milestone. Love is truly in the air at this venue, located in the lively heart of Birmingham.

Every couple is made to feel special here, from the first booking to the big day. The staff pay attention to every detail, making sure memories are made to last a lifetime. Choosing the right place for your wedding or registry is key to unforgettable moments. So, why not start at the Birmingham Register Office?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Birmingham Register Office offers a picturesque and elegant venue for marriages and civil partnerships.
  • Located centrally in Birmingham, it provides a convenient and accessible place for official life events.
  • The dedicated team ensures a memorable experience from booking through to the celebration.
  • Services include not only marriages but also birth and death registrations, making it a vital hub for the community.
  • Opting for the Birmingham Register Office means entrusting your special day to a team that values your happiness and fulfilment.

Introduction to Birmingham Register Office

Welcome to Birmingham Register Office. This is a top-notch place for all kinds of ceremonies. You can have a simple or a very focused ceremony in their beautiful suites. They’re known for sorting out marriages, civil partnerships, births, and deaths.

Overview of Services

The Birmingham Register Office handles lots of important registrations for the city. Just last year, they recorded: 26,000 births, 10,000 deaths, and over 2,000 weddings and civil partnerships1. Plus, they make sure birth and death records are promptly updated, as the law states2. Their services also include citizenship ceremonies and helping with family tree research2.

On an average day, this office does a lot. They deal with six weddings, record 167 births and deaths, and look after 50 notices for weddings or civil partnerships. They also help make 90 people new British citizens and handle 153 certificate applications. This shows how dedicated they are to the community.

Location and Contact Information

Find the office at Holliday Street, Birmingham B1 1TJ, which is easy to get to. It’s open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am until 4 pm, except on public holidays. If you’re interested in a civil partnership in Birmingham, they offer full packages and can answer all your questions. They also have plenty of parking nearby.

If you’ve got any questions or need to make an appointment, there are many ways to get in touch with them. The Birmingham Register Office is very keen on making their services easy to use. They’re a big help to the city’s civic and social life.

Table comparing daily service statistics:

Service Number Processed
Marriages Performed and Registered 6
Births and Deaths Registered 167
Notices of Marriage or Civil Partnership 50
New British Citizens Created 90
Applications for Certificates 153

Booking a Ceremony at Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

I started by filling in the Ceremony Suite Advanced Booking Form. It’s a key step to get everything down correctly. Then, I had to email the form to the office. I noticed they were very quick with managing payments, accepting cards by phone.

How to Make a Booking

To secure a slot at Birmingham Register Office, I just filled and sent the form. They offer various packages, with prices starting from £56 up to £141. So, every couple can find what suits them3. Always wise to plan your visits early. This makes the marriage or civil partnership notice process smooth later on.

Fees and Payment Details

It’s important to know the rates for different times and settings. Prices vary a lot based on what you want and your chosen place3. Keep in mind extra costs like £34 for changes and £12.50 per marriage certificate3. And, there’s a chance of a refund, which gives some wiggle room.

Many couples get a local photographer to take pictures at the Birmingham Register Office. It’s a great way to keep memories of the big day forever.

Birmingham Register Office Marriage Registration Process

At the Birmingham Register Office, the journey to marriage starts with a key step: giving Notice of Marriage. Couples must fill out this notice between 29 days and one year before they say ‘I do’. This info is then displayed at the Register Office for 298 days.

This gives plenty of time for any objections to be made known before moving onto the next stage.

Giving Notice of Marriage

Thinking about birth and death registrations helps us see why this is so important. Just like how Birmingham birth registration must be done in 42 days, giving Notice of Marriage has its own deadlines. This makes sure everything is done properly and is real4.

If things need changing in birth details, like a baby’s name within a year, shows how seriously records are taken. The marriage process at the Birmingham Register Office works with the same care. This ensures things go smoothly from the notice stage to getting the ‘marriage authority/schedule’ ready. This schedule is the official paper needed for wedding ceremonies.

Where to Propose in Birmingham

If you’re looking to propose in Birmingham, you’re in for a treat. This city is full of enchanting spots that will make your proposal memorable.

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Popular Proposal Spots

If you both love a lively vibe, Birmingham City Centre is perfect. There,Carl surprised Lisa with his heartfelt proposal. It marked a special chapter in their love story5.


Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

For something more private, New Hall Hotel is a great choice. Carl flew in from afar to propose in a beautiful, calm setting5.
Winterbourne House and Gardens is lovely too. It’s where Carl made his proposal to charity amongst the peaceful gardens5. St. Paul’s Square, with its historic charm, and Ardencote Manor.

For a proposal surrounded by nature, consider the Birmingham Library Secret Garden. Or head to Brindley Place by the Gas Street Canal Basin. These green spots are perfect for a memorable moment5.

Proposal Location Description
Birmingham City Centre A vibrant, bustling backdrop perfect for lively proposals.
New Hall Hotel An intimate, picturesque setting ideal for romantic moments.
Winterbourne House and Gardens Serene beauty providing a natural, peaceful proposal spot.
St. Paul’s Square Historical elegance and charm for a classic proposal.
Brindley Place/Gas Street Canal Basin Picturesque location by the canal for a scenic proposal.
Ardencote Manor Quaint and picturesque, perfect for an intimate proposal.

Wedding Photography and Videography in Birmingham

Getting a skilled wedding photographer is key to remembering your Birmingham wedding. If it’s at the Birmingham Register Office or another spot, the right photographer is crucial. You can choose from many well-rated Birmingham Register Office photographers. They offer different services to suit various budgets and tastes.

Finding a Photographer

A great wedding photography package offers 2.5 hours of coverage for £350 for weddings in central Birmingham6. For longer events, like three or four-hour packages, you can find these too6. These deals usually come with a discussion, a guide to planning your wedding, the photographers, edited images, and more. This includes a private gallery for downloads and a sneak peek6.

Heather and Mark’s wedding in Solihull, West Midlands stood out7. Their daughter, Michaela, helped a lot with the plans. They had two photographers. This let them get photos of both the bride and groom getting ready, showing the benefits of teamwork7.

The Solihull registry office looked amazing. Details like the veil and appearance were carefully looked after7. Their reception at the Meadway Sports and Social had dancing, speeches, and great food. It highlighted the excitement of a wedding celebration in Birmingham.

Testimonials from happy customers, like Tom and Emma, really show the quality you can expect. They were thrilled with Kate’s work6.

Top Wedding Venues Near Birmingham Register Office

Getting married near Birmingham Register Office means you’ll find a lot of wedding venues. They range from new and stylish to old and charming. You can choose from places like modern venues in Birmingham City Centre to the historic Medieval Hotel and Spa. Every couple will find their dream spot for the big day.

Recommended Venues

In Birmingham, there’s something for every couple’s taste. Are you looking for unique? The Electric Cinema, the oldest cinema still running, has a special vibe. It’s perfect for those who love a touch of the past8. The city’s Library has a stunning room dedicated to Shakespeare. It’s a beautiful choice for a wedding8.

Love the outdoors? Consider the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. They’ve been around since 1829, offering lots of beautiful spaces for your wedding. It’s a green, calm escape perfect for your ceremony and party8. The Ikon Gallery is another option for more modern tastes. A place for artists and art lovers, it brings cultural vibes to weddings8.

There are also hidden gems in Birmingham’s heart. The Kitchen Garden Café has a unique, cosy feel, great for families8. The pretty Blue Piano Bar & Restaurant is an independent spot with great food, offering a warm and friendly setting for your day8.

Love history? Check out Fazeley Studios, a historic chapel now beautifully designed. Perfect for lovers of both old and new8. And don’t miss the Digbeth Old Library, the city’s original free library. It combines history with today’s urban vibe, making it a special choice8.

Birmingham Register Office – Essential Information

The Birmingham Register Office is the heart of registration services in the city. It makes sure key events like births, marriages, and deaths are officially recorded. In Birmingham, it’s crucial to register a death within five days in England and Wales9. You can register a death at the Birmingham Office or any local one. You need a medical certificate stating the cause of death from a doctor for the registration9. After registration, the office gives important documents like the death certificate. This is needed to handle the affairs of the deceased. They also provide a ‘green form’ allowing the funeral to go ahead, unless the Coroner is involved9.

Birth registrations at the Birmingham Office are currently very busy, which could mean longer waiting times. However, in exceptional cases, births can be registered up to 12 weeks after, showing the office’s flexibility10. Registering a birth is free, but you’ll pay an £11 fee for each full certificate showing the parents. If you have more than three children, you need to book a special appointment10. The office also makes sure that both parents are present if they’re not married or in a civil partnership. This highlights their dedication to providing fair service10.

For those getting married, Birmingham’s rules have changed over the last five years. Now, applicants must share their address history and provide certain documents. These include passports, birth certificates, utility bills, and financial records11. All household members need to show bank statements from the three months before applying11. If you own a home, you must prove it with mortgage statements or a letter from your solicitor. This helps make the marriage application process clear and correct11. You also need to show your immigration status, like a Residence Permit from the UK Home Office. This ensures all the necessary steps are taken11.

It’s vital to know when the Birmingham Register Office is open and have their contact details. This helps plan your registration smoothly. Due to COVID-19, some registration processes may now be online or involve special safety steps9. Contacting the office directly is the best way to get the latest information that applies to you.

To wrap up, the Birmingham Register Office works hard to make registering life events easy and supportive. Their by-appointment service means everyone gets the attention they need. This ensures a respectful and straightforward process for all.

How to Get Around Birmingham on Your Wedding Day

Getting around Birmingham on your wedding day is easy thanks to its great transport network. Birmingham has lots of ways to travel, from trains at New Street Station to car rentals. This means you and your guests can get around without any trouble.

Birmingham Register Office

Birmingham Register Office

Transportation Options

The train network from Birmingham New Street Station is a huge help for smooth travel. It’s the centre of the city’s train services. This makes travelling to your wedding venue quick and simple.

There’s also a big network of buses and trams that help people move around the city with ease. So, you won’t have any problems getting where you need to on your wedding day.

Paying for travel is made easy too, with options for cashless trips. If you’re going to a venue or hotel, like the AC Hotel by Marriott, it’s simple to plan your journey. This hotel is close to the Birmingham Register Office, perfect for pre-wedding activities12.

If guests are arriving from far away, Birmingham International connects them well. This means everyone can join in the celebrations without a hitch.

It’s really convenient to travel around Birmingham on your wedding day. Whether you choose to drive, take a train from New Street Station, or use other transport, you’ll get to your party on time. Just plan ahead and use these great services for a stress-free, memorable day12.


Birmingham Register Office shines in the city’s bustling scene. It’s a hub for key life events like weddings and births. By choosing this place, you can handle these important deeds without a fuss. The office guides you from the very start, helping with your marriage notice to giving legal advice. All this support ensures a smooth journey through life’s milestones with Contend’s help912.

The Birmingham Register Office perfectly mixes old charm with new comforts. It’s at a convenient location on Holliday Street. There, they offer appointments to give you focused service. Whether your wedding is big or small, you’ll get all the help and services you need to make it a day to remember12.

Birmingham is full of stunning venues and beautiful spots to pop the question. Getting around is easy, making every step towards your big day delightful. The Register Office in Birmingham, with its warm and helpful atmosphere, is the best place to start your life journey together. If it’s a wedding or another celebration, go to this register office in Birmingham for a memorable experience.


What services does Birmingham Register Office provide?

Birmingham Register Office helps with marriage, civil partnership, birth, and death registrations. They host ceremonies for these events. Also, they do citizenship and naming ceremonies, and check nationalities.

Where is Birmingham Register Office located and how can I contact them?

You’ll find Birmingham Register Office at Holliday Street, Birmingham B1 1TJ. Reach them by phone or email for appointments and info.

How do I book a ceremony at Birmingham Register Office?

Booking a ceremony starts with filling an email form called Ceremony Suite Advanced Booking Form. After sending the form, they’ll tell you the fees and payment info.

What are the fees and payment details for booking a ceremony?

The cost for a ceremony at Birmingham Register Office changes based on the ceremony’s time. Pay quickly over the phone with your credit or debit card.

What is the process for marriage registration at Birmingham Register Office?

For marriage, couples must give notice 29 days to a year before. This notice is shown for 28 days at the office. Then, they get a ‘marriage authority/schedule.’

Where are the popular proposal spots in Birmingham?

Great proposal spots in Birmingham include Winterbourne House, the Secret Garden at the Library, and Brindley Place. Also, New Hall Hotel and Ardencote Manor are beautiful places for this.

How can I find a skilled wedding photographer in Birmingham?

Many top photographers in Birmingham suit different budgets and tastes. It’s good to look around and compare prices to find your perfect photographer.

What are the top wedding venues near Birmingham Register Office?

Birmingham has many wedding venues, from the city center to historical spots like a Medieval Hotel. Couples should check them out to see what fits their dreams.

How do I get around Birmingham on my wedding day?

Getting around Birmingham is easy. There are car hire services, trains from Birmingham New Street Station, and buses and trams that don’t use cash.

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