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49 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them

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Lets talk about what are these 49 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them. Before you choose a wedding photographer, you need to ask several questions. Some of these questions concern the contract, experience, and equipment. Others involve the specifics of your wedding venue. The details about your wedding venue will help your photographer implement your ideas. Keep these questions in mind, and your photos will be better than you imagined.

Questions to ask a wedding photographer

49+ Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them
49 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them

There are a few important questions you should ask a wedding photographer before you hire them. First, how many photos can they take during the day? Most photographers quote between 50 and 85 images per hour, but the number can vary a lot depending on the number of guests and the amount of action. The best way to gauge this is to check out full day galleries. You can also ask whether the pictures are repetitious or curated, as quantity does not always equal quality.

Also, make sure you ask about the contract terms. Getting a contract is a great way to save a lot of time later. You can review it and decide if you want to make any changes, or move on to another photographer. Make sure you understand the contract terms and conditions of your wedding photographer before hiring them.

Lastly, consider the type of shooting you want. Each photographer has different styles and approaches. For instance, you may want a bright, sunny, and ethereal shoot, or a moody one with a dramatic atmosphere. Make sure you choose someone you feel comfortable with and who will be comfortable working with your shot list.

49 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Wedding Photographer


When you hire a wedding photographer, you should sign a contract outlining the scope of services. Among other things, a contract should specify the camera used, and whether you will be responsible for its condition. It should also state whether the photographer is the sole photographer for the event. Even the best photographers can have faulty equipment, so make sure the contract clearly states what will happen in such cases. It is also important to mention how the photographer will correct any errors in color and image quality.

A wedding photographer’s contract is legally binding. It can be entered into in the United States and in countries across Europe. The Parties represent that they have the legal authority to enter into the Contract. They further agree that the contract will be governed by the laws of the state in which the wedding is held. It is important to note that it is not necessary for a photographer to hire a lawyer to sign this document.

In addition, the contract should contain stipulations about how and when the wedding photographer will make payment. You should be able to use an invoice template for this purpose, which reflects the figures stated in the contract. Lastly, the contract should outline the number of assistants the photographer will have.

Moreover, a wedding contract should specify the color scheme of the wedding and the dress code for the guests. This will help avoid miscommunications and potentially serious issues. The contract will also help the photographer protect his/her business. It is important to ensure that the contract contains all these details. A contract will also prevent miscommunications or conflicts between the two parties.

It is also important to specify the location of the wedding where the photographs will be taken. The contract should also specify the emergency contact numbers. It should also mention the photographer’s cancellation policy. Another important thing to remember is to specify the number of people to be photographed. Not all guests are happy to have their photo taken, so you must specify the people you want photographed.

The contract should also specify who owns the photographs. It should also include restrictions regarding sharing or using the photographs for commercial purposes. Also, you should specify whether you are willing to reimburse the photographer’s expenses. It should also stipulate whether the photographer is entitled to receive travel costs for the job.

49 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire

Experience is an important factor to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. The photographer should have sufficient experience and knowledge of the industry to ensure that their images will reflect your wedding’s unique personality. Check the wedding photographer’s portfolio and website to see if they have a wide range of wedding photography experience.

A good wedding photographer will have experience in a wide range of wedding photography tasks. This means that he will know how to deal with various situations and capture the whole story. In addition, a professional with extensive experience will be more apt to capture moments that a newcomer might miss. Another important factor is the degree of training the photographer has undergone. A photographer with a bachelor’s degree in photography may be capable of producing high quality prints, but he or she may not have the experience to do so.

The experience of a wedding photographer is important for several reasons. For example, a professional with a long history of wedding photography will be able to adapt to various environments and cultures. This experience will also allow the photographer to respond well to unpredictable circumstances. A photographer with years of experience will be more likely to know how to deal with these situations, allowing for more quality images.

If you want to learn about photography, a good way to begin is to take a workshop run by a professional wedding photographer. In this way, you will gain knowledge about different cameras and lenses as well as various editing software. It will also help you develop contacts in the wedding photography industry. By networking with other photographers, you can learn about the latest trends in wedding photography and how to find clients.

Using a friend or family member can also be a good option. Friends and relatives are naturally more likely to photograph the event than someone who has no experience in photography. For example, Dan Loh, former Associated Press photographer, has turned his passion for photography into a lucrative career. His website even has an article on hiring family members as a wedding photographer.

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49 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them


It is critical to look for a wedding photographer who has all the necessary equipment for the job. The right equipment means more professional photos and can help the photographer get the job done more efficiently. Wedding photographers should also be insured to cover any equipment failure. They should know exactly what type of equipment they need before the big day and should be familiar with the gear they will be using.

Experienced wedding photographers will have a lot of equipment that helps them capture the day with the highest quality. This includes a middleweight tripod and a monopod. These tools allow photographers to get crisp shots even in low light and slow shutter speeds. Monopods offer increased mobility while providing added stability.

A wedding photographer’s equipment can be a major factor in the cost of their services. Cheap wedding photographers may be using low-quality cameras or not having backup equipment. A high-quality camera is an essential piece of equipment for a photographer. A low-quality camera will give poor quality pictures, especially in low-light conditions. Additionally, a cheap photographer might not have a backup camera available in case their main camera breaks down or fails.

When hiring a wedding photographer, it is important to find out how many cameras, lenses, and equipment they use. Also, ask them about their experience with children and their preferred lighting. Getting a photographer who is experienced with these things can help you make the best hiring decision. You can also ask for references from friends and family. This can make the process much easier for you.

When hiring a wedding photographer, you need to make sure they are available on the date of your wedding. The majority of photographers will have an inquiry form on their website or a contact email for prospective clients. Make sure to provide as much information as possible, because the more information the photographer has, the better. Additionally, it is important to list all the locations where the wedding will take place, such as the church or reception venue. This will help the photographer create an accurate timeline.

Finally, you should look for an insured wedding photographer. This means they have liability and equipment insurance. This way, in case your equipment fails, you can still get the same quality pictures as your original ones. Most photographers also carry at least one extra camera body and multiple lenses. They also have liability insurance to protect you from any unexpected mishaps.

wedding photographer meeting checklist

Questions on Availability

  • Would you be available for a pre-wedding shoot?
  • Would you be able to confirm the booking soon?
  • Can you tell me who will be shooting my wedding?
  • Is there a time when we can meet the team that will be shooting the wedding?
  • From your team, how many people will be shooting?

    Questions on Price & Packages

How much does your basic package cost? 

How does your standard package work?

What is the difference between this package and your higher packages?

Is it possible to include add-ons separately from the basic package?

Can I expect pre-wedding photography in the package?

What is the number of hours included in the quoted package? If there are extra hours, do you charge for them?

Are you able to provide photo booth services?

Can you provide raw or edited photos and videos? 

Is there an extra charge for editing?

Are you including travel as well?

Would you be open to traveling? Do you include your travel expenses in the package if yes?

What is the cost of your accommodation? Do we have to pay it separately?

Questions on Experience & Background

What is your experience in this field?

What is the number of weddings you have photographed?

Are you familiar with similar weddings to the one we are planning?

Is it possible to see the unedited version of your work as well as the final version?

Do you have any previous experience working at this venue?

Before the final day, do you visit the venue and scan it?

Do you have any experience working with the vendors we have booked?

Questions on Style

What is your area of expertise?

Which style of photography would you describe as your own?

Do you have any specialties when it comes to photography?

For candid photography, do you blend in well with the crowd?

We would like to have a pre-wedding shoot choreographed by you. Can you do that?

What kind of camera will you be using? Will you be shooting digitally or on film?

Is it possible to get high-resolution raw/unedited images from you?

Can you tell me how long it takes for you to deliver the final images and videos?

What kind of albums do you provide? Print albums or digital albums?

Are you also responsible for choosing the album’s design?

Questions on Deliverables

When will the physical album be available?

Do we have the right to share the images with friends, family, and others?

Is there going to be an online album? Do you know if that will be accessible?

How much is the advance deposit? 

Do we need to deposit this by a certain date?

Are you able to accept instalments?

Questions on Policies

How does the cancellation and refund policy work?

Are you insured?

In case of an emergency, do you have a backup plan?

Are there any specific shots you work on?

Are you planning to post our photos on your social media pages and website?

We’d like to have our photos featured on third-party websites. Will you do that?

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