Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Professional wedding photos are something that you will want to look back on for years to come, and its an investment in your memories.

How to start wedding photography business

Youve just said I do and made one of the biggest decisions of your lifeso dont feel like you have to pay for photos you may or may not use. Your wedding photographer should take plenty of quality images of you and your partner over the course of your wedding day, and if they dont, theres a chance they dont really care about their clients or maybe theyre just not good at marketing themselves. Either way, you shouldnt pay for photos you dont want.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Quality images can make you feel more comfortable and secure, which can help your marriage grow even stronger.

Your photos will become priceless memories of a time in your lives that is already gone. It may sound morbid, but when youre old enough to think about getting married, dont let yourself forget how it was between young love and commitment. Recording this moment in your life helps us remember what we wanted with all our hearts, which can help guide you through these feelings later in life.

Compile a list of requests.

Before you begin talking with anyone about becoming your wedding photographer, have a clear idea of what you want in terms of images. This doesnt necessarily mean you need to hire a professional photographer right away or even at all. But maybe you want to use their camera to capture every major milestone from birth to seniority. Being as detailed as possible about what you want can help direct your search.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Determine what kind of images you want from your wedding.

While its great to have a professional photographer at your wedding, they offer different package options that range from cost-effective to high-end. Think about your specific needs and wants for your wedding dayhow much do you want to be involved in the photo session and how comfortable would you feel working with a professional photographer?

Spend some time asking friends who have professional photos done if they would allow you to see their images.

Establish your own portfolio and bring copies with you to shows to show off your work. If you dont already have materials to display your skills, or cant afford to make stock artwork available, you can always print items yourself to use as branding for your business.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Start a collection.

Think about how much gear youll need for your shooting style and what types of items you might already have (like camera lenses). Determine what you want to charge and then figure out how you can afford to offer that service at that price while also covering operating costs and adding value to your work. It takes time to build up an online presence, so dont expect to make money right away.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Know how much you want to charge.

Before you begin pricing your services, ask yourself what number you would like to get as a starting price. Are you more comfortable with low numbers or high ones? That doesnt mean cheap! It means accurate costs for your time and expertise.

Wedding Photographer Birmingham

Be willing to compromise.

If you want to run a successful photography business, youll need to be able to let go of your wants and commit to taking on whatever projects come your way. Some images are easier to shoot than others, and some days may just not be your daybut that doesnt mean you have to miss out because you dont feel like shooting.